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Mole's Sneak Peek: Wrath Of Con episode

added on April 03, 2009

Hey, gang! Just a quick entry to give you guys a first look at the latest stuff we're working on!

In previous entries, I've blogged retrospectives about past episodes that we've done but never about one that we're currently working on. So, I'm hoping to start a new feature called "Mole's Sneak Peek" and share some stuff from what's been keeping us busy here in the Mondo dungeon studios.

Based on the picture above, circle the answer that is correct:

a) Sniffles just came out from the optometrist and had his pupils dilated.

b) Sniffles loves just LOVES Japanese manga.

c) Sniffles is going camping and is packing just the essentials.

d) Flaky is a girl.

e) Flaky is a boy.

f) None of the above.

g) All of the above.

Please, show your work!

This building is oddly familiar...

"Don't cross the streams!"

I'd tell you guys more... but then we'd have to kill everyone. And that's just a pain! Not just for everyone but for us too. There's all the traveling (I hate jet-lag!) and the bloody clean up (hard to get out from upholstery)... it's just a scheduling nightmare. Trust me! So, for now, we'll leave it at that and continue to plow ahead and get this thing finished! Besides, it's almost feeding time here and today is peanut butter and fishtail gruel! It sticks to the roof of your mouth! Yummy!