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Baman Piderman: Play Da Song Animatic!

added on October 05, 2012
The process of making Baman Piderman is very streamlined between the mere two of us who work on it; like a weird, well oiled machine. Though it seems simplistic, however, Baman Piderman goes through several stages of complicated production before it's ready to be put up on youtube for your eager eyeballs.

Here is an example of one of the most critical stages in creating animation: the animatic. An animatic is a storyboard that is timed out, usually with the voice over as well, so that the director of the short can watch how the story flows and make changes to timing, jokes, etc. In this animatic for "Play Da Song" you see a very early stage of the episode before several revisions were made. Check the final video below. Can you can spot the differences?