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Dick Figures Are Messin' With Sasquatch - New Episode Coming Soon

added on September 28, 2015


You remember that new Dick Figures episode we talked about a couple weeks ago? No? Well there’s a new Dick Figures episode and it’s right around the corner!


Have you ever had a big hairy monster completely smash the school and instantly become the cool kid? Well let me tell you that it’s a pain in the ass, and our heroes Red and Blue want to change that at the school dance in a manner that has zero chance to backfire. Zero.


Will our heroes succeed? Will they prove they’re the coolest of the cool and dethrone the swaggest beast to walk the halls? Will they get beaten to a pulp by a monster 10 times their size? You have to sasqwatch this episode to find out!


Red and Blue are getting turnt on a screen near you, don’t miss it!