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Hillary Clinton in a Blender is Coming Soon

By Joe Cartoon on July 20, 2016
Everyone loves blending the Donald!  Believe me, they love it.    Well, in the interest of fair and balanced blending, we wanted to let you know that Hillary is not far behind Trump in the blender production cycle.   We are going to blend her so good, you won’t believe how good were going to blend her!    So check back her..

Joeman Anticipates Grammys

By Joe Cartoon on February 14, 2013
the joeman is heading into the studio soon to record 12 new cussin’ joe twoshacks tunes. with titles like..”dingoes don’t eat gay babies” and “two stupid rednecks and a real dum girl” i anticipate grammys being hurled at me like eggs at a cop on devils night. i am also in the process of recruiting 10-12 independent animators to ..