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Mysterious Photos of New Kung Fu Karl T-Shirts!

By Kung Fu Karl on February 28, 2013
With the launch of the new Kung Fu Karl store (your #1 source for the latest in KFK t-shirts), we couldn't help but notice a few of them are already out in the wild!How did all these famous people get their hands on the new official Kung Fu Karl Par-T-Shirts (as evidenced by the obviously genuine, untouched, photographic eviden..

Happy Halloween from Kung Fu Karl

By Kung Fu Karl on October 29, 2012
Kung Fu Karl LOOOOVES Halloween. Mostly because he gets to beat the crap out of those smart mouth pumpkins! When he's not teaching pumpkins a lesson, he's making his own candy called "Karl's Choco-Gasm". You take 12 pounds of store-bought candy bars, place them in the oven (wrappers on) for 3 hours at 325 degrees. Let them all m..

Behind The Scenes With Kung Fu Karl!

By Kung Fu Karl on September 05, 2012
Hey Mondo fans!So here's a little behind-the-scenes action showing the different steps that go into making your favorite idiot, Kung Fu Karl. It starts out with a very rough sketch, then I do the line art, next Stacey Silva adds the color and text and presto! Karl is getting extreme with a gun-toting Tiger! Just like in my dream..