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Dick Figures Season 5 Soundtrack

added on March 28, 2014

Dropping a surprise music bomb on everyone today!
Now that Dick Figures Season 5 is here, I'm making the full soundtrack available. 14 tracks featuring all new music from the fifth season, all for only 5 buckazoids. Click the links below to your preferred store, and you can also listen for free on Spotify.
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Guess what? I’m also releasing my new album... for free!
It’s 7 songs and is called The Absence of Faith EP. Multiple video game remixes, ethereal tracks, house music, electronic experimental stuff, and more. Now’s your chance to hear it in it’s full glory... front to back, side to side, or anyway you please. The artwork is of the perplexing fairy circles of Namibia, said to be “footprints of gods”.
Please enjoy this album as a thank you to everyone who has purchased something of mine over the years. Enter $0 in the “Buy Now” box to start your free download of the entire album in MP3 or FLAC. Thank you. - Nick
Click here to get your free copy of The Absence of Faith EP.
The Absence of Faith (previously unreleased)
The Chemical Plant
Radio Silence
Bowser’s Castle
Level 19
Album Cover: