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Dick Figures The Movie Fan Participation Music Video

added on January 20, 2014


We're making another music video! Bath Rhymes was awesome, but Dick Figures The Movie: The Song: The Music Video is gonna be even more awesomer! We need YOU, our loyal and super badass fans to help us. We've cut the song into short pieces which you can download, pop into your favorite animation program, and use as the backbeat/inspiration for your animation. This video is hard rock so MAKE IT EPIC! All animation styles and methods are allowed – hand-drawn, stop-motion, CG, flip-book, 8-bit... go for it! Just use the Dick Figures cast of characters to create your original animation and submit it below so we can put it in our video! Thanks for being the most amazing fans on the planet (and universe) and we can't wait to see your animation! - Ed & Zack


WHAT: We're asking Dick Figures fans to submit short (2 to 8 seconds) animated segments to be used in our new music video
HOW: Download a song segment and then animate using that as your reference
WHEN: Start yesterday because it's due by midnight (ET) on January 31st.
THEME: The theme of your submission should be "hard rock video" so we mean lens flares, epic guitar/drums/keyboard solos, explosions, fireworks, partying, and generally living "the good life." Use any or all Dick Figures cast members in your animation and just have fun!


PROJECT STARTS: January  20th, 2014
PROJECT DEADLINE: January 31st, 2014 at 12 midnight ET
Your video submission must:

  • Be animated (see below for animation types)

  • Be set against a particular song clip

  • Must be the exact length of one of the animation segments - not longer or shorter

  • Use a "hard rock video" theme

  • Be in HD (ideally) and 24 frames-per-second - see submission guide for details

  • Include at least one Dick Figures character

  • Include all original material - no photos of celebrities, Simpsons characters or other artist's works

  • Not include nudity or racial slurs

  • Be submitted by the deadline



Q: If I submit a video segment, will it show up in the final video?
A: If it's insanely awesome, it will. If it's not, we'll try our best to fit every single submission somewhere into the video.
Q: Can I submit more than one video segment?
A: Yes.
Q: What software is used to make Dick Figures?
A: We use Flash, but you can use whatever software you want to create your clip.
Q: Does my animation have to be in stick-figure format?
A: Not at all - you can do an anime version, make the characters out of clay, or any other style you want (if there're some live action shots... those'll be fine too). You'll probably want to maintain the colors of the characters and somehow retain some of their identifiable characterstics, but do your thing!
Q: Who "owns" what I submit?
A: Gandhi once said "sharing is caring" and we're huge Gandhi fans. But in this situation we can't share the distribution or ownership rights to your submission. It works like this - if Dick Figures characters are in your submission, and they will be because that's one of the rules, then there's truly no way for you to have any ownership rights of the animation (we own the series rights and the rights to the characters). We know this is a touchy subject, but trust us when we say that we'll give full credit to any artist whose work is included in the final video. That's what Gandhi would have wanted us to do.
Q: If my segment is selected, do I win a prize?
A: If by "prize" you mean "thank you email" then you're gonna be drowning in prizes.
Q: Does my video submission have to be animated?
A: Yes, but our definition of 'animated' is fairly wide - including puppets, humans acting as stop motion puppets, post-it note animation, lego animation, machinima, chalkboard or whiteboard animation and just about anything other than live-action footage captured with a video camera.
Q: If my video is used in the final version, will I be credited?
A: Yes, we will be listing all artists in the description section of the video, so comb your hair and brush your teeth before we launch.
Q: What if I can't draw or animate?
A: There are a whole variety of free tools available to help people animate. You can take a look at for some suggestions from YouTube.
Q: Is there any free animation software you recommend?
A: Yes, you can download a free trial version of Flash. Or Blender if you're into that CG stuff they use to make those hysterical Chipmunks movies.





That shit was totally amazing
Your brain cannot even comprehend
So much pants-shitting excitement
For the sake of your couch
I hope you're wearing Depends

We learned so many things together
Japan is weird and French people are mimes
This film had ten scenes of action
And everyone together said "Fuck!" twenty-one times (YEAH!)

Bow before them and renounce your previous god
Someone get a doctor 'cause this movie's fucking totally sick
You asked and they delivered
If you don't like Dick Figures it's not hard to figure out you're a dick

I counted ten fucking explosions
And jetpack demon ninjas that rocked your face
Your life was a hot pile of garbage
Now you're so excited that you're nutting all over the place

One of those explosions was an octopus
Sorry for the spoiler but it's your fault
That'll teach you to listen to the soundtrack
Before you watch the movie (I mean, for Godsake who does that you stupid piece of)

They saved the world what do you think about that?
You just watched them you're so lazy and fat
You love them with all of your stupid heart and also part of your chode
You asked and they delivered
Our movies too great it made your junk explode

Oops our bad
Sorry about your junk
Just kidding
Fuck you!