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Sneak Peek: "The Galactic Bonesmen Part 2 "

added on April 19, 2013

Welcome back Mondo fans. Last week, Jay joined an intergalactic group, known as the "Bonesmen". We've got two new pictures from the upcoming episode. Let's work together to figure out what's going to happen, shall we? In case you missed the last episode, click here and get caught up!

This guy is apparently Jay's new co-pilot. Jay doesn't seem too happy about this. Either that, or they're playing an intense game of "Rock, paper, scissors". What happened to Hamilton, you ask? We're not too sure. Chances are he's retired to a luxurious planet, bathing under a beautiful sun enjoying bottomless pina coladas surrounded by people he loves.

... Oh.

It seems like our furry friend has formed a barbershop quartet that dresses up as hobos, bringing joy to children everywhere.Either that, or he's fallen upon hard times and has actually become a hobo. We're putting our money on the barbershop quartet.

All your burning questions, inquiries and loins will be addressed in the next episode! Except your burning loins. You should go to a doctor and have that checked out.