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Who's the Hottest Deep Space 69 Girl?

added on April 25, 2013
Greetings fellow Bonesmen! It is I, Enigmo, senior member of the "Galactic Bonesmen". You've probably heard that recently the famous Captain Jay has joined our ranks. We've been watching Jay's many adventures over the past year and while his battles have been spectacular, it's his adventures in the bedroom that has caught our attention. I pose the following question to all fellow members, who is the hottest girl Jay has hooked up with? There are many fine specimen to choose from so I've narrowed it down to the best of the group. Without further adieu... Bring forth the babes!

Felina Kittridge of the planet Craxis 9:

Felina is a sensual woman from a planet of cat-like people with nine lives. She loves fancy dinners, clavichord music and giant balls of string. She has a pool in her house but is too afraid to swim in it. View the holo-tape here!

Svetlana Krukenyovashkyonova of South Republic of Czenyovka:

Svetlana is a hardcore lady. She grew up in the war torn planet Czenova learning the arts of war and seduction. After losing her first husband in a laser bombing raid she lost her mind boning and assassinating things all across the Galaxy. She spent the last five years in the Insaneum, a maximum security space prison. She is free woman now, good luck boning her and keeping your penis intact. View the holo-tape here!

Lynn 346 of the federated spaceship repair zone:

Lynn 346 spends most of her time around grease heads fixing space ships at her dad's shop. She'll take any opportunity to share her mega booty with someone who isn't a fat gross trucker. She's aloof though, so don't expect her to be very impressed with your sexual stylings. View the holo-tape here!

Herman (dimensional transkenoid):

Herman is part of a constantly shape shifting and evolving species of space traveller. If you catch her in a shape shifting phase that is particularly sexy to you than you are in luck as they can bestow great insights into the universe with their passing lovers. View the holo-tape here!

Lady Planet (Official name: Femzorain):

 If you like big ladies than the Lady Planet is for you. Teton peaks, flowing rivers of lady juice and forest so lush you could get lost in them. Lady Planet is all woman. Beware of the crabs. View the holo-tape here!

Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan:

Although Leia grew up a rich girl she has a rebellious streak and natural skill with a blaster. Just having turned eighteen means she still has some maturing to do but don't worry she still knows her way around a bed. View the holo-tape here!


Pris of the Tyrell corporation:

Pris is a replicant which is a type of android. She is a basic pleasure model which means she knows how to please. Be careful though because she is also incredibly strong and will crush you with somersaults. View the holo-tape here!


Siren of the planet :

The Sirens of the planet Teton have by far the best breasts in all the universe as well as the beautiful songs they sing. But they are what is referred to as a butter face. Everything is good, but-her-face. Engage at your own peril as they have a tendency to turn their sex partners into little dog like creatures who are then neglected. View the holo-tape here!

So who do you think is the hottest of these lovely ladies? Hit up the poll below and vote!

Stay strong and stiff, Bonesmen!