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Best Sci-Fi Duos

added on May 10, 2013

Despite how things look, Jay and Hamilton make a really good team. Jay drinks all night and sleeps with beautiful women while Hamilton pilots the ship and helps Jay with his massive hangovers. It's the perfect team! That got us thinking, what other awesome duos are there in the sci-fi universe?

This is a classic combo. For a team that consists of a giant wookie that doesn't speak English and a guy who doesn't like to play by the rules, they are sure able to accomplish a lot. They aided in destroying the Empire, saved royalty from harm, and even ran the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs!

A ladies man teamed up with a logical science officer? Brilliant! If Star Trek was set on Earth during the 60's, these guys would be the coolest buddy-cop duo ever. While Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto do a great job portraying these guys, you can't beat Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. Speaking of Shatner...

Combine Shatner and Kirk and you get Zapp. Arguably the most incompetent Officer in the known galaxy. You gotta feel sorry for Kip though. Kirk can be a pain in the ass for sure, but Zapp's been the cause of more trouble than a hurricane. How Kip puts up with Zapp is beyond us.

These guys are badasses. No one can argue with that. Shepard has saved the galaxy countless times (and has decked a certain reporter quite a few times as well) while going toe to toe with the reapers. Garrus on the other hand ran off from his desk job in order to become a vigilante in a crime filled planet. Let that settle in for a minute. Garrus became SPACE BATMAN.

While they didn't really explore the galaxy as much as the other people in this post, Agent K and Agent J have had their fair share of alien beatdowns. Everyone else goes out looking for trouble, but for these guys trouble goes to them. It's their job to show up and show aliens who's boss!

All these other duos can take down aliens with space shotguns, Fry and Bender can shotgun beers like nobody's business. If you need a duo capable of unrivaled laziness and procrastination, these guys are perfect!

Question. Out of all the duos on this list, how many have an awesome theme song sung by Tom Jones? Just Dodgers, baby! If you think about the stuff these two have been through, it's actually kind of amazing. They've saved the galaxy, traveled through time, fought against their evil clones... Heck, at one point Dodgers was an official member of the Green Lantern corps! Plus, he's got laser nunchucks. You don't mess with anyone who has laser nunchucks.