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Sneak Peek: "Worm Holy Matrimony"

added on August 02, 2013

We've got an incoming transmission! It includes information about the new episode of Deep Space 69! Due to magnetic interference with our sensors, only the images came through. Let's take a look at this data and try to decipher what will be in the upcoming episode.


It appears that Jay and Hamilton are inside some sort of crazy worm hole. A place where time and space has no meaning; Portals to various dimensions filled with unknown danger and abominations of nature! ... Or they're driving through the "Tunnel Of Love" at their local carnival.


We don't know about you guys, but this thing looks kind of creepy. Like one of those guys who hung out behind your middle school offering used condoms and drugs to teenagers. The kind of guy that shows up to family reunions, but gets escorted out by police because of a few restraining orders. Maybe we're being too judgmental. He can't be THAT sleazy, right?

...Oh no.

We were wrong. We were SO WRONG. Quick, hide your wife and kids! Call the police and tell them that the NEW EPISODE of Deep Space 69 will be coming out really soon! You should also tell them about the whole "creepy alien banging a spaceship" because it's making us really uncomfortable.