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Super Special Production Photos from Game Program Attack!

added on September 28, 2012

Hey Dudes and Lady Dudes,

A brand new shiny GPA is on it’s way. Just thought I’d share a handful of SUPER SPECIAL PRODUCTION PHOTOS with you all to get your internet pants tight for an all new episode:

Title page for the script. It may or may not stay the same! (We’re pretty lazy, it’ll probably stay the same.)

The level design! What is it? A factory!? PROBABLY! HOW DID YOU KNOW!

Phil uses flash and my arts to make the mouths move. Here is a character talking! Who is he? What’s his name? YOU WILL SOON FIND OUT, YOUNG INQUISITOR.

Each episode I comb through the script and figure out what I need to draw. Then I put the list away and forget about it till 2 nights before everything is due. I then get really angry and draw a lot till really late in the morning. Once everything is drawn, they are VECTORIZED in flash, which is a fancy word for “turned into vectors”. They are then scaled way way up, and saved out as PNG files for animation. Computers are neat.

Here I have assembled all the PNG elements in the episode. These will be sent to Brian who will then make them move. He is also a fan of drawing boobs on everything.

Brian has already made his sprite swapping cheat sheet for the characters. Each frame has a different sprite just like real vigi games. Who are the characters? ARE THEY GATORS? GATOR DUDES? Does the face in the lipsyncpicture have anything to do with what the main characters of this episode will look like? JEEZE YOU ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS. But yeah. It probably does.

Alright. That’s enough photo taking. Go watch the old Game Program Attack episodes and write some cool comments on them. We will occasionally be replying to posts on our videos as EXPLOSOMAGICO. You should also subscribe to us over on YouTube too. Kool Kids only.

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Till next time,