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The Explosomagico Podcast Network!

added on May 06, 2013

Hey Internet. It's me again. Joey. Game Program Attack / Destructo Box co-creator and all around angry person.

You may have noticed we haven't posted any new episodes of our shows lately. We have some cool things coming up I promise. I can't tell you about them quite yet, BUT SOON!

What I CAN tell you about is the new podcast feed we've started. Over on iTunes, we have launched THE EXPLOSOMAGICO PODCAST NETWORK.

I bet you're thinking "what the hell does this have to do with cartoons?"
And I look back at you like "Why did you get so angry so fast?"
and then you're all "is this going to cost me anything?"
Then I reply "No. But if you want to email us some money, please go ahead."
Then you kick a rock on the ground and say "Fine. Tell me about it."

Our podcast feed on iTunes has not just one show, but several shows. Think of Explosomagico as the mama feed and each show as one of it's horrible deformed ugly babies..

Lets talk about those babies.

The Explosive Magic show hosted by Phil and myself is the all new version of our previous podcast "The Destructo Boxcast". We have neat jingles and then talk about dick jokes and stuff. We also bs with lots of our talented friends, many of which have worked on the shows we make.

Commentary is a random grab bag of the people mentioned above talking about the things they've made with us. It's similar to a dvd commentary but like, way more stupid. With less information... and more poo jokes. You can listen and watch along with the videos on mondo with our sweet voices ringing through your ears. It's like you're watching it with us. Like from your dreams.

LOLJK (coming soon) is a podcast with Joey Kyle Brian and Kim. Its gross and full of yelling. It'll show up eventually and when it does, try not to listen near your mom, the elderly, or if you have a heart condition.

You can also download archived episodes of our previous abominations *ahem* shows. All 12 episodes of The Destructo Boxcast and the infamous DINNER HOUR are on the feed as well.

So anyway. That's all I wanted to talk to you about. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast at to automatically download all these sweet shows as soon as we upload them. Even more shows on the way too, probably! You can EMAIL questions to any of the podcasts at If you want it read on a certain show, just mention that in the email.

You can also catch other things like our let's play series "BIG TIME POWER UP" over on our youtube channel as well as watch through playlist of all of our mondo content.

till next time internet,