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A Halloween Treat from Chainmail Bikini Squad

added on October 31, 2012

Hey Chainmail Bikini fans! Looks like it's that time of the year again: Everyone like to dress up the way they wish they could all year round then go door-to-door begging for candy.

Well, begging is for PANSIES! And our three buxom adventurers are certainly NOT pansies! So Ginger came up with a plan..... and it is so simple it's scary. Dress up like the scariest, badassiest, most powerful things they can think of, and go around beating the crap out of the sissies from the guild. Those dudes would be bursting with candy, ripe for the picking!

But it looks like Daisy's idea of Badass and Powerful is really not in the same as Shakka and Ginger.

Happy Halloween from the Chainmail Bikini Squad team, and remember: A zombie costume is only cute until the neighbors mistake you for a real one and try to shoot you with a twelve-gauge.

P.S. We have a special treat for you - Coloring pages! Color in the girls and make them look as girly, bad-ass or blood-covered as you please...

Color the girls in their Halloween outfits! Ginger, Shaka and Daisy!