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Terrifficland Episode 6: How To Brainwash Your Dragon

added on May 22, 2015

Here’s the deal: Frank just hatched a baby dragon. Finally, Frank has the power he’s always dreamed of – he could journey to uncharted lands, root out evildoers, or bring peace and prosperity to the realm. So naturally, he decides to use it to screw over his rivals from high school.


But Frank’s biggest nemesis, the one person who keeps him up at night, the one person who he has vowed to destroy if he ever gets the chance, is his older brother Brian. With good cause. Who wouldn’t hate this face:


Brian’s made millions playing the stock markets; but all he really wants is to make amends with his brother. However, Frank – and his newly brainwashed dragon, Hank – have other plans.


Will Frank and Brian resolve their differences. Will Hank thrive under his new father figure? Will Billy be able to go even one day without getting hit in the face with a giant dildo? There’s only one way to find out: Episode 6 of Terrificland, How To Brainwash Your Dragon, is coming to Mondo!


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