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Terrifficland Episode 7: Necromany-Pants

added on May 30, 2015

College can be hard. You’ve got to party, drink, smoke, have sex, and run an illicit cockfighting ring in your dormroom every single day – and also, somehow, keep your grades up just enough so that you can stick around for all that other stuff. Which probably explains why Frank decides to show up for class every now and then.


As luck would have it, Frank is just the man Billy and Karen need for their Ancient Magic assignment. Namely, he’s got a dead guy that Karen knows how to bring back to life.


But the gang’s about to learn that screwing around with necromancy is a bad idea. Not because of the demons or curses or what have you, but because you might accidentally bring back to life Dave: the most annoying guy of all time.


Will Frank get an A on the assignment? Will Dave ever learn that no one gives a shit about his stomach rash? Will Billy and Karen EVER hook up? Check out episode 7 of Terrificland to find out, now streaming on Mondo Media!


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