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Dick Figures Fan-art Showcase!

added on July 01, 2015

What's this? A bunch of awesome fan artwork by our awesome fans? You're gosh dang right it is! We scoured the interent and found some of our favorite pieces to showcase!


Puyo0702 turns our favorite characters into might guardians! I'm still not sure if that would be beneficial for us or not...


"What're you doing?" "You know, just hanging out." Aweseome drawing by Kanginak.

Scarlette Thor wil bring the pain! Great job by Chadrocco, this is one of the best we've seen.


SqueakyNoodle outdid themselves. Ed? Zack? Is that you who made this?


Batman and the Bloser have a net buddy! Shoutout to ChibiEvilCupcake for this sweet new character! They've also got a bunch of custom Dick Figures fan stories!


Is this what Red and Blue would look like in real life? I could see that. Good stuff from BlackSheeny.


We have some OCs by Metal-it-is who look like they should be in the show! Rocky and Spike are awesome, as is virtual reality. Super duper job.


And last but certainly not least, we have Spikehedgelion8 with Dick Fortress 2! Team fortress and Dick Figures combined is something I would absolutely play.


That's all for today folks! Besure to let us know what you think in the comments, and tell your friends!  We might keep doing these fan art showcases if you like 'em!