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Hot Tubbin’

added on February 20, 2015

All the best things come in threes: Stooges, Godfather movies, and now…episodes of Terrificland!!!

When we last left off, Billy and Karen had struck up a tender new relationship – and so far, things are going pretty great! But, like that old saying goes: “all good things must end when you find out that Frank has been holding a genie hostage inside his own lamp and using him to claim unlimited wishes.” You know what, I actually think it was Bob Dylan who said that.

Will Billy and Karen be able to rescue the genie, find their way out of the lamp, and still manage to have a half-decent date? There’s only one way to find out:

1. Make a resumé

2. Apply to several jobs until you get one

3. Work diligently and earn money

4. Purchase a personal computer

5. Go somewhere with an Internet connection

6. Watch episode 3 of Terrificland, “Hot Tubbin’”, only on Mondo Media!!


Note: if you already have a computer, and are not reading this blog entry via carrier pigeon missive (as per the author’s intent), feel free to skip steps one through five. Also, be sure to follow Terrificland on Facebook or Twitter (@terrificland) for all the latest hip-hop-happenings!